Hi, I am one of the proud customers of Design Rules. I run a telecoms business that promotes telephone answering machines and also a call answering service. I wanted a good service provider to assist me in promoting my business both online and offline. I am totally floored by your customer service. Thanks for the support.  

The options, models and choices of telephone answer machines are extremely large in my retail store and I was in search of an apt graphical designer who will help portray it all in the right manner to my customers. Discovering Design Rules has been a major boost for me and my communications business.

I had been searching for a graphical designer for more than three months but I did not feel satisfied with the design services i had come across. But when I visited Design Rules and checked out the work they had done for telephone answering services, telecommunications and telephone providers, I was impressed. Since, my business is mobile communications, I hired them immediately. Today, I am one of their permanent clients.

-Brian O’Neil